Terminal21-Bangkok-3This concept shopping mall opened in october 2011 and is one of the best places to meet up as both the subway (MRT) and Skytrain (BTS) have stations in conjunction with the shopping mall. Terminal 21 is a theme mall and looking like an Airport terminal and themed around some of the major cities around the world. It is located on Sukhumwit road by the Asoke intersection, one of the busiest traffic areas in Bangkok. This major complex have 2 major parts.

The retail area, with all shops, banks, food courts cinemas, etc.
The hotel and residence by Centerpoint, with 42 floors, 202 meter tall and operated by Center Point Hospitality.

Terminal 21 is not in the same leauge as Embassy or Paragon shopping mall, here they try and attract more to the middleclass range of costumers or visitors that wants to eat something easy and perhaps catch a movie. This is also a good place to go incase you need an ATM machine or Pharmacy. We have here catagorized Terminal 21 floor by floor.

Lower ground floor.
This floor goes in Carribbean style decorated with a beach and a huge lighthouse. It contains banks, bookshops, pharmacies, coffeshops, and small restaurants. Here there is always some sale promotion going this week it was tea, coffee biscuits etc. On this floor you will also find the Gourmet supermarket where you can buy groceries at a high standard. Here we have Subway, Santa Fe, Mosburger and Breadtalk among other small food stalls should you want a snack.

Terminal21-Bangkok-4Ground floor, Rome.
All in Italian style “Heaven of Rome” its decorated with beautiful sculptures, marble figures and paintings all in Roman style. Located here is Adidas, Guess, Puma, Camel, Fox, Nike, Jaspal among others. If you walk around you will find small small boutiques and shops sellong shoes, watches accessories among other items. On this floor we also have the longest escalator in Thailand 36 meter long.

Mezzanine Floor, Paris.
All styled in Parisian way, you will find all Thai designer boutiques and beauty shops, selling sented soaps, beauty products, underwear and much much more. Some of the major brands on this floor is, HM, Body Shop, Esprit, Victoria Secrets. This is also the level you will enter if you travel by BTS (Skytrain).

1st Floor, Tokyo.
Logic says this is in Japanese styled decoration of Sumo, Torii, Samuraj & Neko. This level is mainly focused on ladies fashion and accessories. Filled with many small shops selling all sorts of things, especially in the area between the 2 escalators. If you want a breake here you can have a coffee at coffee World or some nice ice Cream at Häägen- Dazs.

Terminal21-Bangkok2nd Floor, London.
A big red double decker bus, the Tower bridge and the Union Jack, yes welcome to London. This is the floor for us men, jeans, shoes, sporting goods and more. Here you can purchase items you can be sure that nobody will have back home.

3rd Floor, Istanbul.
Filled with small shops selling art, perfume, bags, shoes, toys, and jewelry. All decorated in typical Istanbul style. Take some time and walk around, you might find something you didnt expect but been looking for.

4th Floor, San Francisco City.
Golden Gate bridge, China Town, this is San Francisco. This floor contains restaurants such as Fuji & MK, you can also choose to eat Mexican, Italian or Thai. Or you can sit down and have a coffee with some bakery or icecream at any of the many coffeshops.

5th Floor, San Francisco Pier.
For some reason Terminal 21 dedicate 2 floors for San Fancisco, here is loads of more restaurants and the popular Food Court all themed after San Francisco, Fishermans Wharf.

Terminal21-Bangkok-56th Floor, Hollywood.
The entertainment floor. Here we have SF Cinema with 8 big screens, computer games, Fitness first, massages, IT-Terminal, D-Tac, AIS operator, Nokia, Samsung and more all nicely decorated for example there is a vast copy of the Oscar statuette.

Terminal 21 is a well managed mall with the freshest restrooms we seen at any mall. It is easy to get here and its not a bad idea to go here to Catch a Movie have some lunch or easy dinner and why not bring one of our hot Bangkokmassageescort Girls to make it an even better experience.

Hot tip!
They show movies here until well after midnight.