IMG_0417Here at we like to make your visit to Bangkok a little easier. We have put together a guide to the famous MBK Shopping center in Bangkok. We are certain that this will come handy to those of you that want to make a bargain.

MBK or Ma Boon Khrong Center is a legendary shopping center ideally located and easy accessible by Skytrain/BTS (Station National Stadium, Silom line) and just one stop away from Siam station. This massive shopping mall has around 2000 shops on 7 floors. On an average day there are approximately 100.000 visitors, about 30% tourists and the rest is mainly Bangkok residents. On weekends it can be crowded so if possible visit MBK during the week after 12.00 (opening hours are Monday-Sunday 10 am-10 pm) some vendors are not open at 10 am so after 12.00 its the best time to go there in order to get the full value of your visit. If you are not traveling by BTS take a Taxi or a Tuk Tuk and just say MBK, everyone knows where and what MBK is.

Floor 1.
This floor is home to a number of banks, cafeterias, restaurants and small shops that sell shoes, bags, accessories, jeans and the list goes on and on. Look out for hot sales usually in the central area between the main escalators. There is plenty to choose from should you want to eat something, Mcdonalds, KFC, Black Canyon, Starbucks they are all here. If you want a more relaxing enviroment we recommend the lounge at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, located inside MBK (follow the signs Pathumwan Hotel) here you can sit back in comfy chairs and have some delicous bakery a cup of coffee or some other light snack.

Hot tip!
If you use contact lenses you can buy them very cheap here, a box of Acuvue 2 weeks is around 700 thb. There is a number of opticians so ask around for best price possible.

IMG_0415Floor 2.
Going up to the second floor, you can find jewelry, watches, cosmetic and perfumes. The authenticity of some watches and perfumes are in doubt so buy with caution. Some watches are very good copies and categoriesed by quality and price. On this floor you will also find more leather products. bags, shoes, belts etc. If you are looking for some snake skin boots/shoes take a look at Findig or Udom Egg, they do both men and women.

Floor 3.
Is rather similar to second floor plus you can buy authentic DVDs at a bargain price. Do check that the DVD is suitable for your region.There are plenty of fashion, beauty salons and some electronics shops here. Third level is also where the BTS/Skytrain exit/entrance is. Here we have Burger King and Oishi Japanese restaurant, should you be hungry.

Floor 4.
This floor is almost entirely dedicated to mobile phones and accessories, MP3 players, portable DVD players HI FI systems, you name it. You can buy a new I-Phone 6 or you can buy an used I-Phone 4 at a very cheap price that’s the Beauty of MBK. Competetion is fierce here so take your time Before purchase anything. You shouldn’t have to worry about products here being copies.


IMG_0398Floor 5.
This floor is mainly furnitures and handicrafts, although there is some good camera shops here to. Here we also have the popular Fifth Avenue Restaurant, where you can eat food from all over the world. Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Muslim, Japanese and all at a very reasonable price.

Floor 6.
Here we have Thai souvenirs, silk, art, Wood, Crafts etc. The price will depend on your ability to bargain. Its well worth walking around, you never know what the next stall will have. It can be bikinis, fake Ferrari or Ralph Lauren shirts or some Lovely Thai styled dresses.

Hot Tip!
Don’t buy at first look, take your time and compare to others, ask for best price and offer half the price. Remember if you are happy with your purchase it don’t matter if you can find the same product cheaper somewhere else within the next 5 minutes, it’s all an experience. One of our staff bought 3 Paul Smith T-shirts for 200 thb/each around 5 euro. Starting price was 350 thb.

Floor 7.
This is the entertainment level, Restaurants, Karaoke booths, Internet cafes, and much more. There is also a very good Movie theater showing the latest blockbusters. If you want to try and score a perfect 300 score there is a 36 lane bowling alley as well.

We believe this is is helpful information and will make your visit to MBK more pleasant. This is simply the best place for shopping in Bangkok, 100.000 people/ day cant be wrong. This being Bangkok and Thailand they move around the shops and a shop that was Selling shoes one day might sell dorrknobs next day.

Have a nice shopping experience.