One of things that everyone should do is enjoy a Bangkok Massage, our girls can offer you not only wonderful companionship but also a choice of different styles of Massage

1. Oil Massage / Aroma Massage

This is a very popular technique that will smooth your muscles and skin. It will relieve you from stress and make you feel totally relaxed. We can offer you different kind of oils such as Lemongrass or Lavender scent.

2. Thai Massage

This is also known as yoga for lazy people. It is like a stretching session and will loosen up your tension and muscles. Thai massage is preformed without any oil or lotions.

3. Swedish Massage

A deep tissue massage where our massager will rub your muscles against each other and against your bone. Always in the direction of the blood flow to the heart. This technique is not so relaxing, but will improve muscle ache.

4. Erotic Massage

As you can understand this is a soft sexy massage, almost like a long foreplay. Done with or without oil or lotion.