Ladyboys, Shemales or Katoeys are a common sight in Bangkok, some are very easy to detect while others are almost impossible to differentiate a ladyboy from a girl. We have put together some guidance that might be helpful in case you are doubtful if the girl of your dreams infact might be a guy.

Gestures. Ladyboys tend to gesticulate more, they wave their arms and move their bodies more vividly then a real girl would do here in Thailand.

Height. Most Thai girls are around 157-165 cm tall, whereas most ladyboys are normally taller than that. But this is just another piece of the puzzle as many Thai fashion and catwalk models are tall so don’t make the mistake and think that all tall girls are possible ladyboys.

Voice. Ladyboys are certainly louder and more outspoken then the average Thai girl and a ladyboys voice often sound unnatural and with a high tone. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to spot a ladyboy.

Boobs. Thai girls are normally petite and equipped with small breasts, nowdays many normal girls enhance their boobs with surgery to the delight of many of us. This make it harder to separate a real girl from a ladyboy though.

Throat. This is a weak spot for a ladyboy, it is possible to remove the adams apple by surgery, but if it’s visible than it’s a ladyboy for sure.

Clothing. A true ladyboy loves attention and drama, she dresses more provocative and sexy than a girl. Add to that heavy make up and boisterous behaviour and voila we have a ladyboy.

ID Card. This is the best way to establish if “she” is infact a “he”, it is possible to make a fake ID but few ladyboys bother with that and if “she” is reluctant to show you her ID card, the chance of you having a ladyboy by your side is very high.

Please remember that this is for your guidance only, don’t worry to much about the gender. If your experience is good that is what matters. Many ladyboys are very kind and friendly and they do have an extra insight in how to treat a man.