This is Anny, she is 29 years old, 157 cm tall and weighs 56 Kg.

Bangkok escort Anny is an experienced woman with a very voluptuous natural body!
She has a touch of mystery in her dark sexy eyes that will make you feel very attracted and motivated to take her to the bedroom immediately, she knows perfectly well how to treat a man and give him a memorable experience in the bedroom. She’s so confident about herself and giving pleasure is the most important thing in her life. She’s the kind of girl to have a date with, to go and dance but especially to bring with you after a long day to make her give you a wonderful experience you will never forget.

Anny’s Stats
Height 157 cm
Age29 years old
Weight56 kg

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Booking DurationsRate in Thai Baht
2 Hours5,000 THB
4 Hours6,000 THB
6 Hours8,000 THB
12 Hours10,000 THB
24 Hours12,000 THB
Bangkok Escort Anny

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Some of the feedback Anny has been sent

It was my first time coming to Bangkok from India and also my first time booking an escort.  I found your booking system easy to use and my girl turned up as arranged looking very good.  I wanted first a sexy massage from her with the full treatment.

I had a great experience which is why I booked Anny to come and see my again the next day.   I am very pleased I found your agency.   My choice for next time is Mary, who I will book for 12 hours for a full experience.

Everything has been very good and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Thank you very much.